Ms. L.E. Ikenga is not a very public figure (at least I couldn’t find anything about her via net-search), but she has a few articles at American Thinker, and she recently wrote this one, about what Common Core State Standards actually are and why they will not work.

She apparently has the ethnic and educational background to address the issues the way she does (I do not), but I think it is particularly important that she points out that the basis of common core thinking has little to do with the Common Core State Standards as they are being foisted upon us.

She said, “Common Core (CC) vs. Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Much of the ideology behind the CC is the bequest of education thinkers E.D. Hirsch, Mortimer J. Adler, and Allan Bloom, all of whom began far-reaching public campaigns for the restoration of classical liberal arts standards in American education in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Mr. Hirsch continues this work through his Core-Knowledge Foundation, which he established in 1986.”

She points out that Mr. Hirsch’s ideas were the basis of K-12 reforms in Massachusetts starting about 20 years ago, and those reforms have proven successful, as opposed to everything else that has been tried elsewhere. She states simply that what the progressives are trying doesn’t much resemble what Hirsch advocated, nor what Massachusetts enacted.

Quoting from her American Thinker article, “As of right now, the CCSS continues to be a poorly thought out patchwork of ideas for an academic framework for the nation’s public schools. The ideas are based on an amorphous compilation of core-knowledge philosophy, outdated NCLB aligned teaching standards, and disparate progressive pedagogies from coalitions of educators with dubious academic backgrounds.

However, by law, no state in the Union is required to adopt the CCSS; nor is the CCSS a mandate for a national curriculum for English literacy, history, mathematics, or the sciences.  Alaska, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia have opted out, and Minnesota has only adopted the CCSS reading standards.”

That second paragraph is pretty significant, considering that our Oklahoma Governor and State Superintendent both act like there is simply no alternative to adoption of the Common Core State Standards.

Note, these laws are affecting homeschoolers. These laws will result in more melding of the government in the private affairs of law-abiding citizens and good parent.

And if that doesn’t worry you, then consider this:

I am emphasizing that Common Core State Standards are not what they are asserted to be. They are not useful. Common core is just another progressivist program to kick the can down the road and keep the ruling class in power, both in the educational associations and in politics.

Common Core is NOT OK!