Tennessee high school senior student speaks against Common Core. His name is Ethan Young. He presented his case at the Knox County School Board regular meeting on November 6, 2013.


The point is Common Core State Standards is bad for the teachers, as well as the children, as well as the parents. Common Core is NOT OK!

Two letter acronyms are too ambiguous, thus KPI is used to label the concept of performance indicators.


Children and learning are not measurable with KPIs in the important things. Sure, there are quantifiable aspects to what we are trying to do with teaching and rearing our young people, but making “workers” is not the objective. We are making robots for that. We are not Borg.

First and foremost, our children are people, citizens, and worth our all. They are not “our future” in the sense we usually use the phrase, as though we own them and have the right to force them to turn out some predetermined way. They are their own. The future is theirs and what they make it. We owe it to them to educate and raise them with all the wisdom and love we have.

We must keep the decisions about schooling as close to mamma as we can. We need to homeschool, but we also need our public schools, and we need the parents most of all. Common Core State Standards takes the control and direction away from where it is most needed.

Common Core is NOT OK!