Over at AmericanJesus.net, they have posted a testimony written by Nathan Hale (modern, not from the late 1700s):


I’ve reused their title. It is Nathan Hale’s story of coming to a true faith by almost giving up his inherited faith (his faith, altogether) as he realized the truth of modern science and evolutionary biology.

It is a sad story with a good ending. Well, almost good. He is still worried about dealing with other people on the topic. That’s not good.

My own story is a good bit different. I never saw a dichotomy between science and faith. I was raised with a solid respect for facts, science, and truth. Truth, no matter where it led, no matter where it came from. Truth is truth.

I was in grade school when I first started arguing against YEC (young-earth creationism). It was just too impossible to suppose God would lie to us like that. It was something that clicked in me the first time I watch Blade Runner. God needn’t control us by deceiving us. God made us big enough to handle the truth. (Hmm… Three separate movie references in hardly more than a paragraph.)

I learned to keep my views to myself around my church-going friends and relatives, but I wouldn’t back down nor fudge when asked directly. Gradually that became a problem, which is why we are having church at home, kinda like we are having school at home with the two youngest.

Anyway, at this point, I’m still rather reserved and quite regarding my acceptance of evolutionary theory and my belief in a fully gifted creation, but I sure don’t worry about it anymore. If it comes up, I won’t be the one staying quite. I’ll stay polite, and you can call me on it if I slip out of my love walk, but if you want to argue, or you’d just like to get a glimpse of my views, just ask. I’m here, and I’ll talk. I’ll listen too. I’m still too young to think I’m old and wise, but I sure remember when I was young and dumb. Hopefully I got past the dumb part. Feel free to help me out in that regard if you see the opportunity.

The church we attended most recently still mostly accepts us. The church of my youth, were Mother still attends, they still accept us. We attend there when we visit Mom. So, what more can we ask? The kids are growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and I don’t have to constantly correct errant “science” and misinterpreted scripture any more.