It has been a good Christmas.

I have all mine with me. Usually we go to Moms, or Mary’s folks, but this year, we (eight total) are all here at our place. I’ve taken the quite times to read and write.

A couple of articles on American Thinker struck me as worth recommending. (In fact, good selection of articles for Christmas.)

Susan D. Harris writes here at, and American Thinker carried this article here: 

This paragraph struck me as significant: “If He could suffer great tribulations and still overcome the world; we are strengthened in our faith that we can too. So many “feel good” churches and televangelists try to convince us that poverty and unhappiness are the result of a spiritually misspent life. They seem to forget it was the man who owned nothing but the clothes on his back; the “man of sorrows… acquainted with grief,” who brought the greatest hope mankind has ever known.

I think we miss something important when we consider hardship and suffering as bad. 

Glenn Fairman writes at, and American Thinker provided a copy here: 

Particularly good reading. Personal. Thought provoking. 

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year.