I set myself a goal of reading Middlemarch in 2014. Ms. Laframboise writes another article worth reading, and she points out something I’ve been trying to point out for years. Environmentalism is the popular radical-fundamentalist religion of our day.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

At the heart of the climate change movement is the belief that we will be punished for our sins.

I’ve been re-reading George Eliot’s Middlemarch. Published in 1870, it is perhaps my favourite novel. Within its pages one finds many pearls of wisdom, including this sentence:

Among all forms of mistake, prophecy is the most gratuitous.

The human tendency to delude ourselves is a huge theme in this novel. Forget predicting the future, we’re apt to totally misunderstand the present. Our knowledge of even the people we are closest to, as well as political trends and historical pressures, is always imperfect and incomplete.

This novel reminds us that, when railroads were first being built, opposition was widespread:

Women both old and young regarded travelling by steam as presumptuous and dangerous, and argued against it by saying that nothing should induce them to get into a railway carriage…


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