A Christmas reminder that cold kills. Warmer is better.

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Rather than bringing pine logs to the poor, 21st-century energy policies do the exact opposite. More children now shiver in the cold.

For those of us who live in northern climes, cold weather is not neutral. It is something from which we must protect ourselves.

Exhibit #1 is the marvelous Christmas carol, Do You Hear What I Hear? – sung by Bing Crosby in the video below, 50 years ago this year. The harshest lines in that song accuse wealth and power of ignoring a shivering child.

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king:
Do you know what I know,
in your palace warm, mighty king?
Do you know what I know?
A child, a child, shivers in the cold...


Exhibit #2 is another Christmas hymn, Good King Wencelas. It tells us that the snow is “deep and crisp and even,” that the frost is “cruel,” and…

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