As always, Pointman’s words are worth the while.
It does seem that pain is part of the process. Suffering may not be good, but it is certainly not evil, and it most certainly is not demeaning.


He’d drawn a dinosaur for her and it was a pretty good one, stretching the entire width of the blackboard. He’d used white chalk for the main details but added a huge lot of pecky touches in red and green. Too many I thought. He was another teacher and her beau and I’d watched their courtship quietly. When you’re in the single digits of your life, they think you don’t notice things, but you do.

She’d an Irish name and a very Irish look about her; not particularly pretty, tall, strong but willowy, bony hips, delicate, elegant, vulnerable with pale transparent pianist hands that had a fluttering and diffident life all of their own. I was of course totally smitten by her and thinking about it, I still am but in a gentler sense. I do hope life went on to be good to her.

I waited and watched. She walked…

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