I found an article at American Thinker worth pointing out.


Quoting (Don Sucher):

“Young children often have an aversion to reality. Their ways of running from it are often amusing: the pretend friend, the one that takes their side when things are difficult, and the pretend enemy, the one who takes the blame for their errors and misdeeds.

“Parents traditionally have strived to help their children cope with reality through instruction, emotional support, and abundant love. But today it is increasingly common for parents instead to protect their children from reality as to teach them to effectively deal with it. And such parents typically have come to expect, and receive, support in these efforts from society’s institutions — especially the public schools.”

He goes on to talk about chemical means of avoiding reality, and of misuse of religion. He indicates that it all leads people to abdicate their own responsibility for their own lives. I makes many of us completely dependent upon the government, looking to politicians or other public figures as our “gods.” He says we need people to live up to their personal responsibilities in order to have a free society, and progressivism encourages the opposite of what we need for our free society. I’ll add that progressivism is simply against the human soul. Progressiveness is against all that is good, right, and noble in the individual, in the human soul. (I liken it to Borg. The collective is everything; the individual is nothing.)

It is a good article, but I’m most interested in the part about our societal institutions helping parents who want to shelter their children rather than help the children learn to deal responsibly with reality.

He says precious little. This quote is about all the more he says about the children:

“Too, we see the family structure — once the great bulwark of protection for society’s traditions, and the place where children were taught to face reality as free, independent, adults — under attack.”

It is the “free, independent adults” part that I’m considering.

We, as a society, have lost sight of what we need to do with our children. We are not here to protect them. For the most part, they can fend for themselves. Kids are strong and resilient, as evidenced by the fact that most of them still come out quite well after the meat grinder our society puts them through. I thank God for strong mamas and grandmas, and for those dads and granddads who still take their fatherly role seriously.

We send our kids to school and focus on them as students. We institute common core and standard goals and standard tests, and we expect them to all be “good students,” but what we really mean is that we expect them to all act as compliant drones, thinking for themselves ONLY when requested and ONLY to demonstrate the “success” of the education system, “our” system, thus validating our choices and our sheltering of them within the system.

We must realize and internalize that our objectives must never be to have good students, but to help the children to grow and learn and mature and to become responsible, thinking adults.

We must love our children, protect them only when necessary, teach them, and let them grow. Most of all, we must let them stand on their own. Like Ender, they must know that in the end, no one else can come to their rescue. In the end, they will stand alone and account. Let’s prepare them and help them become strong. Reality bites. Life is, in fact, red in tooth and claw, and we cannot always protect them. Sooner or later, they will know the pain of reality’s teeth. If we try too long to protect them, it just might be that our first failure, that first bite, is fatal.