People talk about “giving back” when they mean charity. It isn’t giving back. No one took it from the recipients in the first place. If they did, we shouldn’t be letting anyone give part of it back; we should be locking them up and getting it all and giving it all back. Madoff is a good example, though I think he and his cronies made off with most of it before we caught him and took it back. Regardless, no one lauds Madoff for his charity work. Giving back or not, he was just a crook.

A Mr. William Yavelak wrote on the subject over at He describes his writing as a rant. I suppose. Still, it is cogent. I recommend the article. Go ahead; click the link and read.

As Mr. Yavelak points out, the problem is that antihuman, progressivist thinking of modern liberals has permeated and corrupted most of our society and language. We must actively resist the collective. Each must stand on his own; ladies, you too. No chauvinism here. We are all in this together. The Borg of big government statism will devour us all without discrimination. No point in pretending there are discriminators in our older language usage when such was so obviously rare. 

Ultimately, each human is valuable. No one is worth more than another. Everyone’s rights as children of God must be respected from conception to the final breath. We do no service taking from some by force and giving to others without dignity. It destroys the soul of all who participate, the recipients, those taken from, those who facilitate the redistribution, and those who enforce it. It belittles us all.

If I earned it, it is mine. No one else has claim. It is my property, and a property of me rightly is to have full authority of my property. That is why slavery, and compulsion of any kind, is so wrong.

My time, my life, my stuff, my ideas. Mine. Not yours. You have no claim to any of it, whether you are bigger than me or not. Whether you have the government behind you or not. Whether you have the mob behind you or not. It is mine. I alone have moral, just claim to it. I can do with it as I wish.

If I choose to be selfish, I become a bad man, but it gives you no claim no matter how much I have and no matter how much good could be done with it. If you take it from me, or compel me to act contrary to my wish, you sin. I would be guiltless in it.

Remember, on that day, you will stand alone, before all, before the One who matters.

God will ask. You will answer. What I did or did not do will not factor in. You will not be able to bring up my actions, for you, against you, or some other. You will answer for you. (This applies equally to all, including me.)

I am truly saddened by the thought of a Woodrow Wilson, a Franklin Roosevelt, or even a Barack Obama on that day. I suspect the outcome will be indistinguishable from that of the vilest despots and most vicious pillagers.

Clint Eastwood’s character (Unforgiven), Will Munny: “It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have.” This describes, in slow motion, what modern liberal progressivism is and does in Western culture. We must take a stand against it. Resistance is not futile.