It seems to me, culturally, we most suffer from moral idiocy.

We each understand intelligence innately, the same for knowledge, as well as emotion, and especially for morals. IQ, EQ, and MQ? Works for me. 100 is the nominal IQ mean, median, and mode. Anyone far off from that gets called names. Of course, everyone would like to be called the one name, but nobody likes the other.

EQ, well, I haven’t seen standardization on that. I think it is mostly a learned intelligence anyway. We learn emotional skills by growing in loving families, with good, upright friends, and by going through hardship in life with the honest, caring support of these friends and family.

I’d say the same goes for moral intelligence, but that is much less subjective. We know what is right.

I hadn’t noticed Ms. Deborah C. Tyler over at, but I will from now on.

She writes about properly evaluating choices and recognizing true value here:

The point is we maximize happiness by valuing what is valuable and choosing correctly what is real, not what is supposed. Of course, then act accordingly.

She writes about moral intelligence here:

She is using bullying as an example. I found these quotes particularly noteworthy:

“Ms. Weingarten was back on television on 12/10/13 on the Megyn Kelly program. She fielded softball questions about unfit teachers being protected by unions and blamed the problems of public schools on “poverty.” She likes her falsehood and she can keep it. Period. The problems in public schools are caused by moral poverty, not material poverty.”

[…]”Parents of high moral intelligence must organize and take back the schools or shut them down. They have the power to take back school boards, curriculum, hiring, change tax law, refuse federal money, and enact right-to-work laws.

The bullying crisis in the schools mirrors the way American adults are humiliated and harassed by their government every day. The difference is we pay for the abuse. And American parents who understand the significance of life and the Judeo-Christian moral code cannot protect their children until they regain their courage of moral action.”

Okay, parents, time to choose. Time to act.