In chapter 7 of what is a rather large report from our National Science Foundation, we find out that over half of Americans accept astrology as at least somewhat scientific.

UPI writes it up here:

The full chapter seven is here (PDF):

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Perhaps there is better news in the rest of the files.

This doesn’t surprise me. Similar reports over the last several years have shown the same in Russia (and former USSR). The issue here is faith. We have a diminishing faith in God and the reality of absolutes. We also have a diminishing confidence in science and our ability to know and understand things.

Christians are not all helping, but obviously Christianity cannot be blamed for acceptance of astrology as science.

Our education system is a large part of the problem. As emphasis over “STEM” and other mathematical and science education has ramped up the volume, our actual understanding of such subjects has fallen.

Political pushing of nonsense like Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming fears and demonization of carbon dioxide doesn’t help either. Earth has been warmer and colder, with carbon dioxide levels higher and lower during both. (At different times, of course.) Carbon dioxide is one of the three absolutely essential ingredients to life on our planet. It is at least as important as oxygen and water. And it is far less destructive and deadly in all regards.

It is no wonder the average person holds conflicting and irrational views. Our society, our leaders, our power brokers, and our experts all shovel BS at us constantly. It all depends on the objective of the moment with no commitment to truth, and most people simply take it in and incorporate it in some hodgepodge mashup that is utter nonsense when closely examined.

It is sad that people hold such tragic views in politics as well as science. It is their sad views in politics and social science that will cause them the most pain. Their ignorance in science will not affect most of them. Our refusal to remember the gods of the copybook headings repeatedly causes us pain, and we refuse to learn. (Google “Gods of the Copybook Headings” and educate and edify yourself.)

I’d be remiss to not mention that the churches in the USA are helping mess up our reasoning too. Young earth creationism is false, and those who purport it and other antievolutionary rhetoric are dishonest, and they will answer for their lies when they stand before the Almighty.

We must commit to truth, facts, and thorough thinking. We will continue to suffer while we don’t.