Orthodox bishop Metropolitan Nicholas:

“Research that is done to challenge God, has the disease of prejudice. Research is done to discover scientific truth. What problem is there with someone wanting to broaden the horizons of their thoughts and knowledge? God is approached better this way. God is not an ideology that we should by all means defend, but we believe in Him because He is Truth. In this sense, even scientific truth reveals Him. If He is still questioned, it is time to find out about Him. A believer who fears scientific research, fears the truth. Perhaps he is a believer who does not believe.”

Biologos.org is an excellent resource.

On Valentine’s Day, they posted this love note regarding the #hamonney debate:


I’ll second this one:


It is simply neither Christian nor scientific to pretend an unknown can only be explained by “God”, except, of course, for the ultimate. Deophobes, of course, simply ignore the ultimate “why,” pretending to be unbothered by such impossible questions.

Show love. Be an example, and ensure you are not part of the problem.

A former fundie provides a clip from the 700 Club. Pat Robertson provides a good analysis amongst bad guesses at details. Oh well.


I applaud Pat Robertson. He had given me the impression his mind had gone. However, I suspect he was simply suffering from foot-in-mouth disease, and he suffered enough to notice. Wising up is good, great even, but often hard.

They point out that Phil Plait, Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog writer, calls for Christians to step up and advocate for science including evolution. I try. Plait says Christians tend to tune out irreligious types. Well, I’ve received my share of cold shoulders as a fellow Christian and even from fellow congregants. Oh well. I’m not giving up. Regarding Plait, I’ve read a reasonable amount of his stuff over the years, and he can be abrasives. He’s not one of my favorites. Plait’s comments are pretty solid in the cited essay, I trust he is working on graciousness.

Reading another of Plait’s articles, I’m reminded of the talkororigins.org site. For reference:



This article, as indicated by the Biologos write-up, is exceptionally insightful: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/ken-ham-bill-nye-meet-biologos-metropolitan-nicholas/

Also worth reposting here, an argument against using labels: