Science wants $20 before I can read the full article. Perhaps I will remember to look at it at the library.

Anyway Popular Archaeology has a nice write-up, 

When one accepts that God didn’t actually say the earth was created just 6,000 years ago, and God doesn’t lie to us in nature, then one can propose good working theories that help explain the awesome diversity we see around us and within ourselves.

Starting around 25,000 years ago, our North American forebears found a fortuitous “green” zone in the Bering Straight, which was then well above sea level, and the area supported short shrubs. The key here is that wood is indispensable in the cold. They used the brush to ignite large bones (with marrow and fat within that would burn and keep the fire going).

This warm zone, that would have been the result of some particular arrangement of ocean currents and weather patterns (and probably the geography), allowed these ancients a workable place to live, but it was also isolated. They didn’t mingle with their progenitors in the rest of Siberia.

Thus, the native Americans  have approximately 10,000 extra years of divergence from those Siberians than we can explain if they just came over the Bering land bridge 15,000 years ago when the ice finally started retreating in our current geological climate epic. (Global warming is good stuff, huh!)

See, this makes good sense, and it gives us a good working understanding of why things are the way we find them today.

Of course, we still need more evidence before this is well established. Specifically, we need to find some archaeological remains in the Bering Straight and the coastal regions where it would have been warm (well, tolerable) for these ancients to have thrived while isolated from the rest of humanity.

And, if we don’t, well, maybe we figure out a better working hypothesis and develop a newer theory for explaining what is. Obviously, though, we couldn’t figure this out if we refuse to allow more than six thousand years for it to have all transpired.

For that matter, we cannot explain it at all given that a mere 4,500 years ago all ancestors were supposed to have been branching out from Turkey and the Middle East. See, with that assumption as a bedrock tenet, there is no way to relate the Siberians and the Native American tribes. Just cannot be done. One has to assume genetic accidents or some other rationalization that doesn’t fit, but patches the hole, like a misfitting jigsaw puzzle piece.

So, I’ll keep encouraging everyone to read the bible for what it says, not what Ken Ham or your favorite preacher explains it to mean.

My bedrock tenet is, “in beginning, God.” That is by faith. No evidence required.

My reasoning is that I find it irrational to claim there is no prime mover, no first cause. Most of all, assuming no god at all is the same as assuming no reason at all, and I just don’t find it reasonable to assert that there is no reason.

I realize I’m rambling at this point, but rather than rework it, I’m headed to bed.