Derision. Such thinking passes no possible test of common sense. Humans may never be able to affect hurricanes. We certainly cannot do it with a few windmills that would have to be feathered out and stalled before the high winds arrived. I’d laugh, but it is too sad.

Watts Up With That?

From the University of Delaware a press release I just can’t stop laughing about. Of course, they have no real-world tests of this claim, only “their sophisticated climate-weather model”. No numbers were given on turbine “mortality”, so one wonders how many would survive.

Vatten Fall Normally invisible, wind wind wakes take shape in the turbulence induced clouds behind the Horns Rev offshore wind farm west of Denmark. Image: NOAA

Offshore wind turbines could weaken hurricanes, reduce storm surge

Wind turbines placed in the ocean to generate electricity may have another major benefit: weakening hurricanes before the storms make landfall.

New research by the University of Delaware and Stanford University shows that an army of offshore wind turbines could reduce hurricanes’ wind speeds, wave heights and flood-causing storm surge.

The findings, published online this week in Nature Climate Change, demonstrate for the first time that wind turbines can buffer damage to coastal…

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