We need a top ten list for why climate alarmists won’t give up their obviously failed memes. Group think, just cause corruption, among other things, but it seems to me the most obvious reason the alarmists hold to their beliefs is that their beliefs are in fact the faith of their new religion. Yes, climate alarmism is a cult, a religion, or perhaps better stated as a substitute for the religion that most of us use to nourish our souls. Such a religion as theirs only poisons souls.

Watts Up With That?

Explanation #10 for the pause …”coincidence” has just completed the top 10 list, thanks Gavin! Party on! Excellent!


There is a new paper by Gavin Schmidt et al that comes in as #10 in the growing list of explanations for ‘the pause’. Now that we have a top ten list, let’s review:

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