An article from here,, says,
“Total taxes collected by the state [of Oklahoma] in FY-2013 reached $7.86 billion, an all-time high. This is $2.1 billion more than the $5.73 billion collected in FY-2003.”

Note, that is more than $2,000 per person. $2,000 spent for every man, woman, and child in the state.

The US population is about 314 million, the President’s latest budget was proposed at over $3.9 trillion. That works out well over $12,000 per person in the country. The President proposed hardly over $500 billion for defense spending in that budget, less than $1,700 per citizen. (Is that enough? We are talking about defending all we have and all we believe in. Regardless, it is a paltry amount compared to the total.)

How much do our cities take from us and spend on our behalf?

According to public documents at the web site, our 2013-2014 budget is $1,027,852,482, apparently there were 600,000 of us residing in the city limits in 2012. Assuming it is about the same this year, that is just over $1,700 per person.

Don’t we think we are over doing it? Don’t you think we are letting our government do too much for us? Doesn’t that give them too much power over us?

That is well over $15k spent on us per year. Well over $60k spent on behalf of a family of four. What the heck do we have to show for this money?

I will admit I don’t begrudge my city one cent, but I do wish they’d be a bit more diligent with regard to street repairs. Our city does a good job. They maintain the streets we drive every day, and they keep things sanitary. And they maintain our parks. I despise the regulations, but most of them are sensible, even if interpreted and enforced unevenly. There has to be rules. At least these are close to home. We can go down to city hall, while it is much harder to see our state and, especially, federal officials.

So, the city has the most to do, the most we need done, yet they spend the least on us. Again, aren’t our governments doing more and spending more than we can justify?