Progressivism is against the human soul.

It is hard to argue with leftists. There are always reasonings and rationalizations that allow progressives to argue for the collective and against the freedom of the individual.

I don’t suppose any of the Star Trek writers and creators involved with the introduction and development of the Borg realized they were portraying the ultimate perfect progressive society, but they did, and to describe it as “pure evil” is quite correct.

The progressives preach diversity, but only within the framework of the collective. The progressives preach freedom and self actualization, realization of the full potential of the individual, but only within the bounds of the good of the whole group.

Dr. Michael Farris fought for the Romeike family, stood with them throughout, shoulder to shoulder with them against the oppressors from beginning to end. While Dr. Farris celebrates this victory, he essentially argues the war is, nonetheless, being lost. The progressives gave up this battle to distract us from the gains they are making everywhere else. (Common Core State Standards, for instance.) is a great website with lots of information, and Dr. Farris wrote this there:

It is obvious that Dr. Farris is a lawyer, one who argues before the highest courts of our land. The short version is that our government is sanctioning religious persecution in other countries. The same here is inevitable. Further, our government asserts that parents do not have a fundamental right to choose the education their children receive. Our government asserts that it can dictate limits on our choices in order to enforce their definition of diversity.

We are not Borg. We will not service the “us” of big government. Resistance is not futile. Resist.

As Dr. Farris says,

“These freedoms are threatened by our own government. But only our silence and inaction will actually defeat us.

Stand up. Speak up. Show up.”