I hear bad things about the Noah movie. (Mostly the same as what was worried about before it was out.)

It is kinda disappointing. My expectations were quite low. I figured it would be an environmentalists movie rather than anything resembling the biblical account. Still, I figured it would be a worthwhile movie, but from what little I’ve read, it looks like it probably isn’t even worth the time to watch on video.

I’m a metallurgical engineer, and I have a thorough understanding of metals. I suspected I’d have to have my “suspension of disbelief” set to maximum just from the movie poster where Crowe stands with an iron ax in his hand. Per traditional biblical dating, Noah was a full millenia before anyone had iron tools, Tubal-Cain not withstanding. (And “brass”? That alone should eliminate any “KJV-only” assertions.)

I’ll probably still see it. I suspect at least Nathan will want to as well, but I sure ain’t spending good money on it. A buck will be my limit for something like this.

I don’t fully endorse these reviews, but they are representative of what I was reading. One I read written by a Lutheran Pastor thought it would be okay to go, that is–not sinful, but he couldn’t get over how horrid it was from a biblical perspective and how poor it was as a movie. It does sound like it will have some big-screen moments, but I suspect I’d be unable to get in to it for all the nonsense going on.