It is up to the several states now. Our federation is broken, perhaps beyond repair. I trust we will repair it. Further, I note that while the likes of James Burke predict our problems in the coming decades will be due to over abundance, “The Twilight of Abundance” supposes the opposite. I suspect abundance for most will never be a problem, ever.

Watts Up With That?

 Guest essay by David Archibald

In President Obama’s war on coal, and thus the US economy, what would be the cheapest way to start the counter-attack? The most effective allocation of funds would be to achieve what Nebraska set out to do. At the urging of State Senator Beau McCoy in late 2013, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture was tasked with commissioning a report on cyclical climate change. The budget for the exercise was $44,000. That right, for a mere $44,000 Nebraskans would be told what was going to happen to their climate. If the Sun was going to sleep with the consequence that cold air from the Canadians would come south faster and longer, Nebraskans would be forewarned and fore-armed. Alas, the effort was abandoned when promoters of global warming in the state offered to do it for free.

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