I appreciate being able to reblog my local KFOR news stories.

Quapaw, OK, and Baxter Springs, KS, are part of my stomping grounds growing up in Southeast Kansas. The fact that we are on a pace to set a new record for fewest and smallest tornadoes this year is no consolation for those hit by the severe storms. Likewise the fact this tornado in Quapaw officially didn’t make it to EF3, EF2 can still kill, obviously. A small bit of good news, the death toll for Quapaw has dropped from two to one, a resident of Baxter Springs, KS, coincidentally, and I’ll emphasize that it is small condolence for the widow who survived the twister while travelling with her husband. Further, the Arkansas death toll was revised downward, by two, also.


MAYFLOWER, Ark. – Parts of the South and Midwest could be in for more severe weather Monday, a day after suspected tornadoes killed at least 18 people in three states, including 10 who died in one devastated Arkansas county.

“It’s chaos here,” said James Firestone, mayor of Vilonia, Arkansas, one of the two hard-hit towns in Faulkner County. “Our downtown area seems like it’s completely leveled.”

“There’s a few buildings partially standing, but the amount of damage is tremendous,” he said Sunday. “There’s gas lines spewing. Of course, power lines down. Houses are just a pile of brick.”

Widespread damage was also reported in the nearby Arkansas town of Mayflower.

“There were cars flipped everywhere, there were people screaming,” James Bryant, a Mississippi State University meteorology student who witnessed the storm, told CNN’s “New Day” on Monday. “It was a tough scene.”

Austin Oberlag, another meteorology student, said the storm…

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