I’ve refrained from saying much about the new Cosmos. I’ve written a bit here https://gottadobetterthanthis.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/cosmos-good-grief/

I really am not pleased with it overall. They had such an opportunity.

I record my exasperation. I really think it ought to be possible to sue Neil and company for such gross negligence. Of course, who am I, a lowly engineer, to question such a preeminent physicist? Well, I’m the same guy that is willing to question the Pope (though I usually find myself agreeing with him), the President (and it has been decades since I’ve agreed with one of them), and even the local pastor. I question all authority. I try to question myself and my own biases.

The global warming episode is utterly emotional and fact-free. A stereotypical Jewish mother has nothing on Neil when it comes to guilt trips. I guess he wants everyone, especially the children, to feel guilt and shame that they are not doing their part and suffering now so that the future generations can have something in the distant future.

It borders child abuse in my opinion.

Solar power and wind power are pipe dreams!

Solar will eventually improve to the point where we use it for lots of applications. It is still mostly a novelty, except for the government subsidized installations that are contributing to untold troubles for people, the power grid, and the environment and its local inhabitants, human, et al.

Solar will never be a significant portion of the overall power used by society globally. Never! Does anyone remember that the sun is shadowed half the time? Does anyone remember that poleward latitudes simply don’t get much sun half of the year? Clouds?

I don’t get it.

The situation for bird-chopping and bat-killing windmills is worse. They will never be useful beyond small niche applications, consistent with their primary uses in the past. Soon, probably within our own lifetimes, certainly before the end of the century, the industrial fans scattered all over the world will be merely a nuisance, with everyone blaming everybody else for what went wrong and who is liable to clean them up.

Windmills for grid power are far more problem than help. They are far more cost than can ever be recovered compared to alternatives, and they always will be. It is never economical and never sustainable to do thing inefficiently, and windmills are inefficient. We have probably made all the gains possible in windmill technology, and when other people’s money dries up, the windmills will go away. Ask Boone Pickens.

Winds blow, but windmills suck. Mostly, they suck up tax money and utility rate money. Our bills will go up until we get back to coal and nuclear.

Say what you want, the fact is we will. We will burn all the coal, and we will primarily depend on nuclear fission in the coming decades, because when our own precious children are dying in cold, dark operating rooms because the wind isn’t blowing, we will demand action, and if the politicians and greens stand in the way, blood will be spilt. After that, no one will try to stop coal or nuclear again.

Besides, once the next big war gets going, will anyone care about CO2? Nope. They will care about the millions killed, and they will care about trying to get it stopped. Anyone who thinks the world is smarter today than in July 1914, or the summer of 1939 is just not a student of history, and you know the axiom regarding those who refuse to learn the lessons of the past.

So, Neil and Cosmos can preach all the alarmism they want, and I think it unreasonable to suppose the hype will end in less than 25 years, but as the earth continues to refuse to warm, and all that happens proves to have happened before, Neil and company will become the same laughing-stock as the young-earth creationists. They are in denial that climate alarmism has failed.

The simple, observable fact is: Cold kills; warmer is better.