Thank you, Dr. Goklany. Yes, it is easily proven by simply paying attention. Many more people die from cold, especially when accompanied by heavy snow or ice and power outage. Further, heat wave related deaths tend to drop the average death rate in the area for weeks after the event, since heat tends to hasten the death of those who are already dying. However, the average death rate does not drop after cold spells, because cold is an equal opportunity killer. Heat mostly kills the careless and the those who planned improperly. Cold tends to kill even the prepared because there is so little margin for error.

Cold kills. Warmer is better.

Watts Up With That?

deadly_hot_coldDr. Indur Goklany writes:

Earlier today on WUWT in the post, UHI and Heat Related Mortality, a researcher from Arizona claims that, “Extreme heat is the leading weather-related killer in the United States.”  I am afraid that this piece of nonsense is about to become conventional wisdom.  However, this is based on cherry-picking one’s data source.  The full story is given in the attached paper written in 2011.

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