Sounds great, right? Think of all the square meters of road surface on the planet. Of course, that stuff is comparatively expensive, brittle, not tough. It simply will not hold up to traffic. Keep in mind that it needs to be mirror smooth, not the best thing for traction. Who would risk driving on a road that would give you no stopping power nor cornering control while wet?
It is hard to believe anyone would give a dime for such an endeavor. Of course, as George Carlin pointed out, it is discouraging to realize how dumb the average person is, and it is scary to realize that half of them are dumber than that.

Watts Up With That?


Dr. Roy Spencer and I have been watching this project with amusement combined with incredulity. Somehow, this mom and pop operation have raised over $1.9 million on Indiegogo from gullible people who don’t have the skillset or decide to ignore basic physics, economics, and common sense in favor of future pipe dreams of green energy. This video that follows shows why their claim doesn’t make any sense, none at all. The best part? The impetus was for this idea was global warming. Here is what they say about the birth of “solar roadways”:

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