While there is obviously room for doubt, this evidence is significant. Besides, we know we have extincted some species by hunting them. We still might extinct salmon and some of our other fish.
Hunting preserves are the way to ensure the wild ones stay with us. Hunters will not only pay for their hunts, they will pay because they will want to be able to do it again.

Watts Up With That?

Results show that the correlation between climate change … and the loss of megafauna is weak

A new study unequivocally points to humans as the cause of the mass extinction of large animals all over the world during the course of the last 100,000 years.

The European forest elephant is among the animals that are now extinct. (Wikimedia Commons)

Was it mankind or climate change that caused the extinction of a considerable number of large mammals about the time of the last Ice Age? Researchers at Aarhus University have carried out the first global analysis of the extinction of the large animals, and the conclusion is clear – humans are to blame.

“Our results strongly underline the fact that human expansion throughout the world has meant an enormous loss of large animals,” says Postdoctoral Fellow Søren Faurby, Aarhus University. 

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