Very important. The absolutely best information available, says not only is there no warming over the last ten years, but it is probably cooling. The government folks responsible are not releasing all the data nor how they are showing some of it, which tells me it is probably even worse for alarmism than what they are showing. The fact is now obvious that the urban heat island effects and the forced adjustments to the data made things look worse than reality.

Watts Up With That?

USCRN_Average_CONUS_Jan2004-April2014NOTE: significant updates have been made, see below.

After years of waiting, NOAA has finally made a monthly dataset on the U.S. Climate Reference Network available in a user friendly way via their recent web page upgrades. This data is from state-of-the-art ultra-reliable triple redundant weather stations placed on pristine environments. As a result, these temperature data need none of the adjustments that plague the older surface temperature networks, such as USHCN and GHCN, which have been heavily adjusted to attempt corrections for a wide variety of biases. Using NOAA’s own USCRN data, which eliminates all of the squabbles over the accuracy of and the adjustment of temperature data, we can get a clear plot of pristine surface data. It could be argued that a decade is too short and that the data is way too volatile for a reasonable trend analysis, but let’s see if the new state-of-the-art USCRN…

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