Follow the money. Despite assertions to the contrary by alarmists, all the money is on the alarmist side, most of it from the government, most of that directly from progressivists and enviro-radical types. Dry up the money, and no one will continue with the alarm. Then maybe we can do some real research and maybe find something worth spending time and money on.

Watts Up With That?

President Eisenhower warned of this. In the world of climate science, we have come to know this simple equation as demonstrated by some of the most zealous proponents of climate change:

No Alarm =  No Funding + No Glory

Dr. Lonnie Thomspon and his false alarm over Mt. Kilimanjaro, coupled with him being made famous by Al Gore inAn Inconvenient Truth while seeking more research money to study a problem that is actually more related to land use and evapotranspiration than global warming comes to mind as an example. Andrew Resnick has written a letter published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that suggests researchers are “addicted” to funding, much like drug addicts.  His words, not mine.

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