Solid and thorough. Well documented. It is straightforward physics that make most of us with no financial stake in the alarmism industry reject the notion that CO2 matters and warm is bad. (Cold kills. Warmer is better.) Besides, the author is a nuclear engineer.

Watts Up With That?

positive_feedback This is a positive feedback loop. The input is increased carbon dioxide, which begins this positive feedback loop. Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory

Negative Feedback Prevents Harmful Temperatures from Carbon Dioxide

Guest essay by Bryce Johnson

The purpose of the article is to contribute to refuting the false alarm that has been generated worldwide about excess global warming caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide, primarily by mischaracterizing its inherently negative feedback.

Feedback is the effect that the result of a process has on itself. Positive feedback augments the result and negative feedback diminishes it. A negative feedback does not preclude an increase in the results of a process but it does limit the ultimate magnitude of the increase. Most feedbacks in nature are negative or soon become negative. Otherwise we would have been destroyed by nature some time ago. Positive feedbacks can cause runaway effects. Nature abhors a positive feedback.

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