It is sad to me that Oklahoma continues to pretend we are doing something with wind generation. It will cost us, and the toll will be measured in lives. Not only are these things killing our bats and our birds, they will kill our children as the dependence on the monsters will destabilizes our grid and causes blackouts solely because Scott Meacham and his financial backers did such a grand Chicken Little dance. Meacham, I don’t know how you sleep at night. The blood is on your hands. Besides, who is going to clean up the mess?
As an experiment, Google “mt scott oklahoma”, and check the image search. I see hundreds of images of all sorts of things before I see any pictures of the blight. Face it. Windmills are ugly. They are trash polluting our land.


kites Wind power advocates enjoy a brief moment of levity.

Why Not Wind?
Eric Rosenbloom

To whom it may concern:

This is a brief representation of the reasons industrial-scale wind is a destructive boondoggle that only fools – or worse – would approve.

Unlike “conventional” power sources, wind does not follow demand. As the Bonneville Power Authority in the Pacific Northwest of the USA has shown, the relationship between load and wind generation is essentially random ( That means that wind can never replace dispatchable sources that are needed to meet actual demand.

The contribution of wind generation is therefore an illusion, because the grid has to supply steady power in response to demand, and as the wind rises and falls, the grid maintains supply by relying on its already built-in excess capacity.

That is also why meaningful reductions in carbon emissions are not seen: because fuel…

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