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These are two Obama graphs that I got from Facebook. They are interesting because they obviously say completely different things. I don’t know which came first, though obviously they are parodies of each other. And so, which is true? Well, they both are, in a way … but it’s the reasons they are both different and true that is the fascinating part. Let’s take a look.

The Dow is indeed up above 16,000 – why? Well, one reason is inflation – for with a steady growth of the money supply by the Federal Reserve Banks shoveling between $40 and $80 billion a month to “stimulate” the economy – it has done that by simply inflating all the numbers. So, a good percentage of the 16,000 is merely extra numbers with no real value. That is, if the Dow as near 8,000 in 2009, with inflation, even if the Dow hadn’t…

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