For the record, I am moderately convinced we humans and our burning of so much carbon-containing fuel are responsible for a significant part of the increase in CO2 of the last few decades. However, if we try to stop burning, we will be killing and enslaving our fellow humans in the process. We must continue to produce more and cheaper fuel and electricity. Otherwise we are killing people today. Consider well. “Green” thinking pretends it will save people in the future, but it kills people today. We must continue to drill, frack, and burn while we can, today.

Watts Up With That?

climate_engineerGuest essay by Ronald D Voisin

For quite some time we have known that atmospheric CO2 lags Earthly temperature in both directions. This fact has been repeatedly and internationally validated at both ends of the Earth. It is, frankly and simply, a known fact. But here is the rub. Very few ever speak to why this would be so obviously true. Is it not painfully obvious? How big does the picture have to be and how many brilliant colors does it need to be painted with before it becomes widely recognized?

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