I spotted this article on Facebook:


It indicates that most of the factors that contribute to autism can be attributed to our common genetic factors. Some seem to kind of stack up, and then one or two of other key factors can add up to something significant and result in being on the autism scale. There is significant information there, but the article is at Nature, here:


As usual, Nature is very proud of their articles. You’ll have to fork over some big bucks if you want to read it. (Well, you can rent it on Read Cube for less, but I haven’t spent any time figuring out what that means.)

HOWEVER, note that there is a list of references and lots of supplemental information for those interested in digging in and figuring out exactly what these researchers are on to.

I’m not digging in, so I cannot suggest how many of the references are also behind paywalls versus freely available. Keep in mind that many libraries, particularly university libraries, will have subscriptions, and these articles and resources will be available for taking the time to visit the library and determining their requirements for checkout and research.

Anyway, it shows progress, even if it doesn’t show hope of a quick fix.