I post a lot. I get nearly no feedback. No worries. That isn’t what I’m doing.

Here, I’m interested in recording what I’m interested in. I hope to write and learn here. Writing helps me think.

On Facebook, it is mostly just sharing what I came across that interested me at the moment. I get a like on Facebook here and there, but mostly only when I post a photograph of one of my exceptionally beautiful daughters. (Yes, I’m a proud daddy, but of course, my wife and mother get all the credit in the beauty department.) Facebook is so random. I mostly figure there is no telling what people saw even if they were trying.

I posted today that this is the tenth anniversary of my father’s death, and I received some very appreciated comments. I suppose I would have thought there would have been more.

It really is not that big a deal to me, but it just seems it needed another word. Thus, this.