Climate alarmism is so insane. I just don’t understand it. Scofflaw. It is madness. Next thing you know, the alarmists will be blowing up clinics, I mean filling stations, or SUVs in people’s driveways, knowing the prosecutors will not prosecute, but claim that climate alarm is the greater good. Madness. Simply madness.

Watts Up With That?

You may have heard about the climate activists who had charges and a trial pending over obstruction of commerce by blocking a coal barge to the Brayton Point electric power plant with a lobster boat?  Well the DA just caved, and announced he drank the kool-aid, and is going on the climate march. Video follows

From WBGH Boston:

It was intended to be a show trial, with climate scientist-turned-activist James Hansen and founder Bill McKibben both slated to testify. Ward and O’Hara planned a necessity defense, arguing that climate change presented such a crisis – and federal climate action was so inadequate – that they had no alternative but to place their lobster boat between the barge and the power plant. Whether or not the defense was successful, it would be a statement.

Instead, Bristol County District Attorney Samuel Sutter made a surprise appearance in court Monday morning with a…

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