I love the ice core graphic. It is the best science available on all the available evidence. Evidence, not models, not conjecture.

Watts Up With That?

The latest propaganda stunt from the Skeptical Science Kidz is underway and it is about as exciting as it is predictable. Every hour, a new opinion is revealed along with a cartoon climate scientist caricature drawn by former cartoonist turned “climate expert” John Cook. Our resident cartoonist, Josh, has different ideas on that. The first cartoon character of the “97 hours of consensus” was Mike Mann, who seems to think that “recent warming does appear to be unprecedented as far back as we can go”.


Apparently Dr. Mann on has limited time travel research skills, like this from his Penn State colleague, Dr. Richard Alley:

gisp2-ice-core-temperaturesThen there’s the one from Dr. Kenneth Trenberth:

sks-97hrs-trenberth“all weather is now connected to climate change” – Yikes, every cloud is hiding a climate change boogie man now? Even the IPCC doesn’t believe this sort of fear mongering.

I had to chuckle though…

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