Watts Up With That?

200million_viewsWhile the WUWT counter number on the right sidebar will likely hit this mark while I’m sleeping, I just wanted to give a short notice to everyone that we’ve reached this milestone. This post is automatically publishing at a time that is my “best safe guess” (4AM PDT) for when we’ll have reached that number. If it hasn’t yet, it soon will. For those who might have been refreshing the page to see if you can capture it at 200 million, you won’t; the counter display only updates every 15 minutes to save resources, and doesn’t update in real time, though it does track every “hit”.

I wish to thank everyone who has helped make this possible, the readers, the contributors, the moderators, and most importantly my long suffering family who has dealt with dad being distracted in his study far more than he should be.

For all of my…

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