I am of the opinion that persuasion is an illusion. Once people make up their minds, they won’t change for reason, data, or arguments (rhetoric). The opinion is fixed until pain forces change. [Instead of pain, an incentive and opportunity might arise that provides cause for change.]

As Weather Channel continues to fail, the pain of monetary loss will start forcing the change. Enough pain like this, and the media just might swing round and either drop this particular variety of alarmism, or it might even start deriding it. They will likely do whatever helps ratings.

Regardless, I don’t expect to ever hear apologies about global warming alarmism, but I do expect to quit hearing the hype. It will run its course. The global warming alarm will continue to be sounded by the true believers. It may never stop. Think of the recent Harold Camping. There are still believers in his failed alarmism, even though he completely disavowed, stating that he was wrong. He reportedly asserted that to predict such dates must ultimately be sinful. Yet people believe. Global warming alarmism is with us until Manhattan Island is under ice sheets again.

Watts Up With That?

Bloomberg reports that ratings are down 20% over three years, and with the sort of programming they continue with, such as this lame “forecast from 2050” with Sam Champion and go-to storm chaser guy Jim Cantore, where in a CGI based forecast, he laments rising sea levels while standing in fake water.

JimCantoreHere is the fake forecast video, sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (part of the U.N.):

It doesn’t look like their ratings and viewers will rebound any time soon, much like global warming itself, which is now in an extended pause that may last as long as 30 years.

Bloomberg reports:

DirecTV dropped the Weather Channel for about three months earlier this year after failing to come to an agreement about how much the network should be paid in affiliate fees. The Weather Channel agreed to cut back on its reality programming to include more local weather…

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