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Watts Up With That?

ban-ki-moonThis WUWT story from two days ago:  Obama’s Lonely Climate Summit – world leaders are staying home went viral after being linked to by the Drudge report, earning WUWT it’s best performing day ever with 345,393 views.

WUWT_best_day_wordpressdataIt seems to have evoked a response.

Eric Worrall writes:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today responded, to reports that a number of key world leaders would not be attending the upcoming climate summit in New York.

According to Ban,

“…even though the leaders from India, China and Russia will not be able to participate in the meeting, there are “other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations.”


I suggest, Mr Moon, that you and President Obama are currently experiencing a sample of that “other means of communication” you mentioned.

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