This is important.
The enviro-alarmits are crying “Fire” in the theater, and their is no fire. They are doing it with CO2, they are doing it with fish, and they are doing it with Prairie Chickens. They are even doing it with you, claiming you are too fat or drive to big of a car, both of which they claim is harming the earth. It is sad. We really need to hold them accountable for the harm they have already done and continue to do. Environmentalism has become mental and insane and is now just a radical -ism.

Watts Up With That?

Opinion by Dr Tim Ball

Free speech is essential to freedom, but with it comes a level of personal responsibility. Supposedly, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes recognized this in his observations about shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre. People assume this meant you can’t do it, but his original comment included the critical word, “falsely”. In the US, your right to shout fire is part of free speech, but Holmes argued that you couldn’t shout fire, if it is false. The trouble is, who decides it is false and once it is said, the damage is done. The question then becomes accountability. Both the need for personal responsibility in confirming there is a fire, and being held accountable, when it is determined there was no fire, and you did not check with a modicum of due diligence. What if you shout fire in a supposedly crowded world?

Who holds…

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