Our Governor can do something about this. Instead, she runs campaign ads pretending she’s fighting federal takeover of our schools and CCSS, the very system she championed until the day she signed SB 3399.
I like our Governor, but she has let us down with regard to government education. Our Superintendent is disgraceful. She must step down or be thrown out. We can do it. Let’s get busy.


As you start your Thursday, I have several things I would like you to read. Collectively, they represent the culmination of four years of incompetence, spitefulness, and rule-breaking by State Superintendent Janet Barresi and her minions at the SDE.

First, let me backtrack a few days. Last week, when the SDE released their A-F Report Cards to barely a whimper, I had a few emails about them. Soon, however, I started receiving messages from a variety of sources about a hire that had been made at the SDE. Barresi had created a new Assistant State Superintendent position, filled it without posting it, hired an executive staff member’s husband, and run off a long-time employee. I had this information from a variety of sources, but I wanted some confirmation before writing the story.

Yesterday, that confirmation came in droves. Here’s the Tulsa World’s account of the story:

Outgoing State Superintendent Janet…

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