While I’m calling for Ms. Barresi’s resignation loudly, I will not suppose malice until I have evidence. I see her as hurt. She suffered what is perhaps the worst political defeat of our lifetime. I suspect she is desperately trying to prove she was right. We all know she cannot. She should step down and take the time to let her wounds heal. She needs to step out of the office and stop being harmful.


Janet Barresi needs to resign – yesterday. Tomorrow would be fine too. Hell-bent on exacting her wrath, she continues to be an embarrassment to the state of Oklahoma.

As you know by now, she has created a new assistant superintendent position over accreditation and hired the SDE’s lawyer’s husband to fill it. This man has nearly 40 years experience in law enforcement, but none in public education. Yet he’s going to help school districts stay in line with all the state mandates. And oh, there are many. Here is an overview of information that state accreditation officers have sent to schools regarding upcoming deadlines and reporting requirements. Keep in mind that this is just for October.


Prior to October 1 superintendents shall designate Test Coordinators for the district and all buildings; names, email addresses and telephone numbers of District Test Coordinators (DTC) shall be provided to the…

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