First, the letter I sent via the Governor’s government web site took multiple tries and multiple parts to send it. The contact form is very poorly executed. The “Name” block will not accept punctuation. One cannot put the period after the middle initial. (How sad is that? The programmer didn’t think to allow the period in a name field?) I had to break the following message into three parts and send separately because the text field is so constricted. Note, none of these restrictions and shortcomings are identified in instructions. Oklahoma’s Governor’s gotta do better than this. (BTW, I despise the scrolling graphics on the state web site pages!)

Governor, you have let us down with regard to government education. Being the Governor, you are responsible for government-provided education. While it is not as bad as many think, it is bad, and it is not getting better. Part of the problem was your support for CCSS. Campaign ads don’t fix that. Part of the problem is your choices for appointments to the State board of education. You can fix that. Part of the problem is the State Superintendent. She must go. She needs to go now. If she will not step down, you need to force the issue. Barresi is a disgrace.

We cannot improve education while progressivists hold sway. Progressivism must be driven out in every regard. Your support for CCSS shows me you either have progressive leanings, or you do not recognize it when it presents. Eliminate the progressive element, and we can begin to actually improve our education system. Start with the end of compulsion.

You cannot force people to do what is right. Our children are people too. Our children are citizens now. Our children are not the future, they are our partners, our fellow travelers, now. We are responsible to lead, not coerce. End truancy. Repeal all truancy laws in the state and improve our State Constitution to guarantee absolute freedom in education, including the freedom to be ignorant. No one, no mamma, will choose ignorance. When they must choose, they will choose right. When you force them, they resist because God made humans free. We resist compulsion no matter what. It is our nature.

You cannot improve government education while criminalizing it. End compulsion. Repeal truancy laws.

Again, Barresi is a disgrace. She must go.