Watts Up With That?

From Oklahoma Mesonet – State Climatologist Gary McManus – (h/t to WUWT reader Patricia)

Will Oklahoma set a tornado record this year??

Finally, a climate/weather extreme we can all be happy about…a possible record low number of tornadoes this year. I’ve done all the searching/perusing/data
mining allowed on a browser for OK tornado counts this year (i.e., I looked it up on the NWS-Norman website) and found the total number of tornadoes this year
to still be sitting at 13. The count is only through June, but I can’t find any other reports of possible tornadoes after June either, so let’s assume that count,
albeit preliminary, is good through September.


First off, that would be the second lowest total through September dating back to the beginning of official statistics in 1950. Only 1988 had a lower Jan-Sept
total with 12.

Second, 1988 is the current record holder for lowest annual…

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