Well, the data says no global warming. So, which side of the argument is denying?

Watts Up With That?

Now that “the pause” has come of age, and has exceeded 18 years, it is time to revisit a post a made back in November 2011.

Ben Santer’s 17 year itch

Bill Illis reminded me in comments of this spectacular failure of peer reviewed climate science:

Let’s remember several years ago when all the heavy-weights of climate science produced a paper that said the lower troposphere pause had to be at least 17 years long before a clear signal that human-made CO2 warming theories should start to be questioned.

Carl Mears was the second author on that paper along Ben Santer (lead) [and Tom Wigley, Susan Solomon, Tom Karl, Gerald Meehl, Peter Stott, Peter Thorne, Frank Wentz].

Well, that time has now been exceeded and they all have egg on their face.


Alhough, if you read Carl Mears article carefully, he is starting the discussion that maybe the…

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