I’m inclined to agree. Seems counterproductive on the part of the mayor to say the least. Bad idea on her part regardless of legal consideration.

Still, don’t we stand for truth? Expose all the truth in every way possible. All pastors in Texas should send every sermon they ever prepared. Give the mayor and her layers all the truth and love possible.

Odd that I had known nothing of the Houston mayor. Now I’ve read about her twice this week.

It is said we can’t legislate morals. Yet the preachers of tolerance try to criminalize such whenever they gain the power. Love and understanding are the touchstones, and it’s a two way street. Tolerance is only a small single step toward what we all owe each other. We are all fellow travelers. We are in this together. We are only here a moment. Make the best of it, and do some good.


The sky is falling here in Houston.

The mayor’s office has subpoenaed sermons from a handful of pastors. The request seems to be a bullying tactic aimed at pastors who have opposed the city council’s “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance,” which protects gender identity along with categories such as race, sex, and creed. The biggest point of contention is that the law requires businesses to allow people to enter public restrooms based on their self-proclaimed gender identity rather than their biological sex. Who’s surprised that some Texans are disturbed?

Houston’s churches are leading the resistance against the new law, and it seems that the mayor’s office is trying to intimate this resistance by requesting copies of sermons and other communications.

It’s a petty move.

It’s constitutionally disturbing.

It’s a violation of the separation of church and state.

But why don’t they just give her the sermons anyway?

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