“Social Justice requires that we frack”

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin

A tragic story. Mrs E Thornton was found dead in her home on Monday 16th January 2020 in her terraced house in Blackpool. She had died of hypothermia and neighbours said she hadn’t been seen for over a week during the recent cold snap. She always saying that she couldn’t afford to eat, and heat her home. Elsie is the 306th person to die of hypothermia in Blackpool since mid-November. She left no relatives as her husband left her decades ago and her disabled daughter died a few years ago.

Elsie’s life was sad and uneventful but her funeral was anything but, as it turned into a riot and the police were called.

The service was led by the Rev Jim, known to all as the Green vicar, who is the national chair of the Eco-terrorists for Christ (ETC), formerly Frack-Free Christians. They were successful in persuading all churches to oppose…

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