I applaud our Oklahoma utilities. They do a good job keeping the beasts repaired and turning. It is astonishing our electricity rates have gone down in spite of the things. But mother nature always wins, and she don’t care who she hurts in the process. We will abandon windmills, even in Oklahoma.


shown the door The shape of things to come …

Nebraska says no to BigWind b/c it is too EXPENSIVE
1 November 2014

The key wording, below, is that the industrial wind site could ‘potentially’ lower customers’ rates. Bravo, Nebraska, for recognizing the truth. The wind may be free, but converting it to electricity is extremely expensive. You don’t believe us? Go to our True Cost of Wind tab at top of page and hover over it for references to numerous examples…Worldwide, wind turbines are a disaster for consumers, as the cost to subsidize this industry is being passed on to them. Rates are escalating and fossil fuels are not being used less. And, wasn’t that the point?…

Loup Public Power District’s Board of Directors (Nebraska) voted unanimously Tuesday against moving forward with an agreement to purchase power from a proposed wind farm.

Omaha-based Bluestem Energy Solutions had been working with landowners…

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