Contact your reps and tell them to get rid of all energy subsidies, especially for windmills.


dirtyrottenscoundrelsoriginal It’s always more fun when someone else is paying.

Ex-Rep. Istook: Wind Energy a Crony Capitalist Gift
Sean Piccoli
23 October 2014

Wealthy investors in wind power are reaping profits from an expensive — and subsidized — form of green energy that is driving up the electricity bills of ordinary Americans, a former Oklahoma congressman told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

Under the guise of saving the planet from global warming, wind power has become a taxpayer ripoff and a boon to investors claiming massive federal subsidies for an industry that cannot compete on price with traditional energy sources, former Republican Rep. Ernest Istook told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

Of the $40 billion annually doled out to various green energy incentives, grants and loans, one of the biggest magnets for public funds is a wind energy tax credit first enacted in 1992, said Istook.

“For every megawatt hour that [producers]…

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