Jim is correct. Keep the facts in mind when complaining about taxes, and about the fairness of taxes, and how we ought to reform taxes. Mostly, realize the fact there is no such thing as tax on businesses and corporations. All taxes are on the income of the citizens, each individual, whether poor, rich, young, old, et al.

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I keep seeing people talk about who pays taxes. And everyone talks about it as if it’s only the vaunted “income tax” levied by the IRS at the federal level. And supposedly, according to one side, the Democrats, only the middle class and poor are paying incomes taxes. And the rich are getting off scott free or at least not paying their fair share. Meanwhile, the Republicans seem to be awfully sure that only the middle class and the rich are paying income taxes, while the poor and loafers and freeloaders on the system are not. All sort of percentages are flung about on who is paying what portion of their income in taxes, and what percentage of the people are paying income taxes, and what groups are being screwed, mollycoddled, raked over or doing the raking. Everyone has their favorite bugaboo. But this is all in reference to the…

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