Reverend Roberts writes:
The shared belief of family and friends in Christ: This is often overlooked, but acceptance in the fullest sense in a YEC church is dependent on believing that YEC is correct and all this evolution caper is wrong. It is not difficult to see the pressure this puts on people to be Creationist, as to rejection will cause personal pain due to strained or broken relationships. It easier simply to accept YEC and ignore any questions. If the church is officially YEC, it is even harder and the pressure to stay and conform is immense.

Many evangelical churches are large thriving ones, with plenty of mid-week activities. British ones are smaller than American but there is the danger of coercion to tow the line. Thus in a creationist church to question the leadership over creation is liable to lead to problems and pressure against one can build up. There are the usual challenges; “don’t you believe the Bible?”, “Why question God’s truth of creation which the pastor/vicar is teaching?”

This type of challenge is a disincentive even to air one’s questions and doubts, as you will realise that you could end up not being wanted in the church. The price of questioning is high. You can be edged out (or kicked out) and lose friends and much of your social life. It IS the unacceptable face of fundamentalism.

However it is denied vociferously.

For the last half-century many opponents of creationists have started by assuming that if you can explain scientifically why creationism is wrong, creationists will give up that belief. They are soon shown to be wrong, because the reasons for believing creationism are more than scientific.

For many to reject creationism is to give up your faith, your church, your friends and associates, your social life and, possibly, your family. No wonder creationism is so had to challenge. After all, it is the TRUTH…

Or is it?
I respond: No it isn’t.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus said that to love God with all our mind is the greatest commandment. Jesus said loving our neighbor is the second command. Jesus said loving one another was His command. There is no truth and no love in the YEC and antievolution crowd. They walk in fear, not faith. They condemn, not love. Reverend Roberts is right. My family was not welcome in the last church we were in because of it.

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin


Caution Creationists3

Why do so many Christians believe in Creationism when it runs counter to almost all of science and is seen to be nonsense, and even dishonest, by non-creationists, whether Christian or not?

This cannot be understood without grasping the deeply–felt reasons for believing what many scientists think nonsense. YEC provides the “scientific” capping to a “biblical Worldview”. This Worldview provides an all-embracing outlook on life and integrates every aspect of their lives. It also enables one to oppose non-Christian Worldviews and to be confident in the “Culture Wars

The most important reason for accepting YEC is not a literal Genesis, but a concern for salvation through Christ. The heart of evangelical faith is redemption through the death of Christ, expressed as Substitutionary Atonement in that Jesus’ death forgives sin and takes away the penalty of death. To some this is dependant on their being…

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