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Musings on Science and Theology

CactiOur world is athirst for the good news of the gospel, often without knowing it. But what is this good news and how do we pass it along? In chapter 4 of Vanishing Grace Philip Yancey looks at ways that we as God’s people can reclaim the good news and pass it on. This chapter is worth some thought and some conversation.

First we have to ask the question – What is the good news? Yancey’s take here may surprise (or even annoy) some.

It strikes me as genuinely good news that we are creations of a loving God who wants us to thrive, not random byproducts of a meaningless universe. That God entered our world and demonstrated in person that nothing – not even death – can separate us from God’s love. That the story of Jesus has this main theme: “For God so loved the world that he…

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